Legal Solutions
Enforce confidential and legally privileged information. Custom policy based management.
Retail Solutions
Complete PCI in a box. Advanced store and customer interaction technologies.
Health Care Solutions
HIPAA made simple and affordable. Digitize medical records and automate claims filing.
Financial Solutions
Your Data is the economy. Protect information and accelerate your transactions.
  • With new Check Point™ Security you can now:
    - Control who has Access
    - Keep Intruders out
    - Control what data you share
    - Mirror copy your data for DR
    - Protect distributed data
    - Even…Revoke Access to your data after it’s left your vault!
    Sleak Cutting EdgeFujitsu 6U Data Center
    - Fujitsu Blade Chassis BX400
    - 60 x Virtual Machines
    - 3 x Clustered 2 Socket Servers<
    - 5 TB Storage SAN
    - Integrated Switch
    - Super Compact Size
    Data Loss Prevention:
    -Centralized management of security policy
    -Pre-configured policies allow for immediate data loss prevention
    -Inspect and control sensitive emails both leaving the organization and between departments
    Safe and Flexible Storage
    ../ Systems:
    - The business of IT made simple
    - Appliantized technology
    - Productized services
    - Union of Security & Infrastructure
    - Truth in Engineering & Financial Modeling
    - Choice & Flexibility

Security Blades:                      Network & End Point Controls

25% TCO Reduction Guarantee!

Advanced Security controls to meet every Compliance while you Reduce Complexity, Reduce Risk, and Reduce Cost.

Server Blades

Virtualize & consolidate on to the world’s fastest performing and most scalable Servers with only Quality features found here.

- Intel X86 Rack Servers, Blade Chassis
- SPARC — Solaris Servers
- Intel — Itanium Servers

Storage Systems

Protect your data on the world’s fastest Open Systems SAN Storage — 8 Gbps.

Advanced copy functionality, WAN Optimization, HW Encryption, Raid 6, and many more features to deliver more value for your storage spend for any size budget.
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